CT/NY Tech + StorageCraft = Rock-Solid Backup & Recovery
CT/NY Tech has partnered with StorageCraft to provide cutting-edge full image and file-based backup solutions at a price-point that makes sense.
Full image on-site & cloud backup for servers and desktops
An all-in-one solution for servers and desktops with a large number of files, complicated system configurations and short recovery time objectives.
  • On-premise full image backup software
  • Availability of individual file and full image restoration
  • Offsite image replication to StorageCraft's enterprise grade, RAID-6 storage arrays
  • Offsite "point in time" backups including 10 daily, four weekly and two monthly images
  • Ability to restore full images to the same or a different machine, even if hardware does not match
  • Quick and easy restoration of data from local backup, or download from offsite storage
  • In case of local backup failure or a disaster situation, a rush shipment of the offsite backup can be sent within one business day for an additional fee
The base price for server backup is $89/month. Desktop backup is available for $49/month. This includes 1TB of cloud storage, monthly status reports and 24/7 monitoring at no extra charge.
File-based cloud backup for laptops and desktops
A dependable, automated solution that protects data on individual laptop and desktop computers. If your workstation is turned on and connected to the Internet, it's backed up regardless of location. Unlike external drive backup, our cloud backup solution keeps your data safe from physical loss, and requires no extra hardware.
  • Secure Solution: Data is encrypted during transfer and storage. StorageCraft's systems, networks and facilities have been SOC 2 Type II security audited, so you know your data is safe.
  • Completely Automatic: Never forget to make a backup again. We simply mark important files and they will automatically back up on a set schedule.
  • Multiple Revisions: We can set a custom number of revisions stored on the backup server so you can access older versions of a file.
  • Bandwidth Throttle: Bandwidth allotted to the backup software can be adjusted to prevent slowdowns in day-to-day activity.
  • Open File Backup: Files are backed up even if they are open and in use, so you can protect your most frequently edited files.
The base price for file-based cloud backup is $15/month for each computer. This includes 100GB of cloud storage, monthly status reports and 24/7 monitoring at no extra charge.
Your regular hourly service rate applies for installation and recovery. As always, you only pay for the services you require and on-site technicians are standing by.
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