CTNY Tech History
The president of CTNY Tech, Bob Imbres, has been working on computers as an independent contractor since 2008. His first job was in response to an advertisement in the wanted section of a newspaper. It made him realize that he had the potential and knowhow that he needed to really help people, and that he could make some money in the process. For a couple of years, he put himself through "training" by working for family members and friends. Once summer began in 2011, he was confident enough to start passing out business cards, post an advertisement on Craigslist, and put ads up on the bulletin boards of some local supermarkets. He wanted to do more to establish himself as an I.T. professional, but was very busy with other part-time jobs and did not have time to pursue his own business further. However, he did gain some new clients over the summer, so when he wasn't working his day job he was working on computers. He was getting paid very well, and was receiving a lot of positive feedback from his customers.

By Autumn of 2011, Bob decided to quit his day job and do on-site tech support full-time while continuing his education at Sacred Heart University. It was at this point that he coined the name CTNY Tech. He finally had the time and resources to get his business off the ground, including the development of this website. In fact, ctnytech.com continues to be maintained by the company's president (during his spare time) using a combination of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. For several years, Bob continued to provide computer services through CTNY Tech as well as subcontract for other technical support providers.

During 2014, CTNY Tech finally became a limited liability company. Bob Imbres continues to personally serve CTNY Tech's clientele as well as other consultants under his direction. We believe that it is our attention to detail, forward-thinking, and dedication to every customer and business - no matter what size - that sets us apart from the competition. After all, we have you to thank for helping us grow to what we are today.
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